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Egg and Spoon

Have tons of fun while racing your friends in the Egg and Spoon app. You’ll get lots of good exercise with this realistic, animated game as you try to be the first to get your egg across the finish line without having it fall off the spoon. Click “” to learn why you should download this App today!

You remember school sports days and family reunions that you attended as a kid. It was so much fun to participate in all the games, like the three-legged race and kick the shoe. It always helped if you had long legs for those, made it easier to win.

The game that seemed to hold the most challenge was the egg and spoon race. Never mind how long your legs were, balance was the name of the game and a rolling egg on a shallow spoon made even determined contestants slow down and concentrate. You could practice for months ahead of time and still lose your egg just a foot short of your goal. That’s one of the reasons the game was so much fun and so addictive. You just had to try it again, knowing you’d do better the next time.

With the Egg and Spoon app, you can relive and improve your egg racing experience. Developers have made the game animated to give it a sense of realism which amps up the games’ existing addictive factor by at least ten. You’re going to feel like you are in a real egg and spoon race.

Balancing is done with the accelerometer. Be careful, though. A little too much tilting or shaking will cause your egg will fall off the spoon and you’ll be out of the race, unless you choose the “Pause and play on” setting, which lets you pick up your egg and carry on. Of course, doing this loses you precious race seconds.

Egg and Spoon Features:
* Two modes of play – One Drop and You’re Out, Pause and Play On
* Realistic animation
* Gauge to indicate whether or not you are tilting the device too hard
* 3 levels of difficulty – hard, harder and hardest
* Choice of 4 different egg dropping sounds (iPhone only)
* Addictive game play

It’s a blast to challenge friends to join you to with their Egg and Spoon apps. You can all race on your phones to see who can maintain the best balance and fastest transport of a wobbly egg.

You are going to love this game, not only because of the memories it brings back but also because it’s just a whole lot of fun. If you know any children who’ve never had the privilege of playing Egg and Spoon, please introduce them to this classic game from your past and keep it alive for future generations.

Luckily, it doesn’t take much balance to go over to the Buy App button and download your own Egg and Spoon game. Why not grab it now and start practicing before the next family reunion?