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Encode your animations as high-quality H.264 videos and then you can upload them to YouTube and Facebook!!!! See samples at

Be sure to check out for a demo video of all of the app's features!

Use iSylium (pronounced eye-silly-um) to mix and match your favorite photos of friends and family. You can even let iSylium animate mixing the photos while you watch the result on the Animate tab screen.

Be sure to check out the Settings tab for all the different grids and available options!

Did you wind up with a cool looking image or video? If so, then be social and share it with your friends and family. You have the choice of either sending the image via an email or sending a tweet with a link to the image or posting the image and a short note to your Facebook account all right from within the app! Videos can be published to YouTube and Facebook too! No need to exit the app to use some other social networking app. Now that’s convenience!

To get started, you can either take a photo or use an existing one from your photo library. You do that on the Photos tab. We also include (4) free photos for you to use! To help you create the perfect mixture of your photos, there are several layout grids to help you align the images - one is even specifically designed for matching faces! Pick a photo, align it to the grid, zoom in and out with pinch/squeeze gestures, repeat for as many photos as you like and you are ready to mix them up!

After you are finished choosing photos, you can see the resulting montage on the Most Recent tab. Tap each grid location and watch iSylium pick a section from one of your photos. Try a multiple finger tap for even more excitement! If you don’t want to do all that tapping then switch to the Animate tab and let iSylium do it for you. iSylium will animate the mixing of photos in a random fashion at a few updates per second. If you see one you like while it is animating just tap the screen to pause the animation. Tap again to resume the animation. If you like the paused image and want to share it then just switch to the Share tab and share it with the world.

There are (5) different grids available - you can find them on the Settings tab along with other useful settings. The 1x3 grid lets you slide the sections left, right, up and down. Try swiping each section in any direction with a touch of your finger or use three fingers! The 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 grids give you multiple sections to play around in. Finally, the Face grid is specifically designed so you can precisely align human faces. For example, this lets you experiment with what your nose with your sisters eyes with your Dad’s hair might look like. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Once you have created your photo masterpiece, share it with the world on the Sharing tab. You can choose to email someone your cool image or if you are a Twitterer, then by all means send a tweet out to the world proudly displaying your latest creation. Feeling really social? Then post your image to your Facebook page with a short note and it will also be automatically stored in an iSylium photo album for your convenience.

Finally, we have a Purchases tab. Since iSylium itself is free, we encourage you to enhance your experience with iSylium by purchasing upgrades for several of the app’s useful features. Don’t like those pesky ads at the top of the screen?, then buy the No Ads upgrade and the ads disappear and you gain all that additional screen area for viewing your images! The sharing features allow you a few tries, then you have the option to unlock them for unlimited usage. Additional features are being planned and will be added as time goes by. Let us know what you want! Send your comments to