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Star Fortress

iPhone / iPad
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Star Fortress is a colorful, faster paced homage to a 1980's classic that pits you against the Star Lord and his Star Fortress. The objective is to destroy the Star Lord that sits in the center of three spinning rings before he becomes fully mobile and gives chase.

You will need to blast away at the rings surrounding the Star Lord in order to create the opening needed to destroy him. During all this the Star Lord will constantly track you, and firing as soon as there is an opening available to it. If you manage to destroy the Star Lord, you will earn 5000 points plus a bonus for the number of ring segments remaining on the screen and time elapsed.

There are three sparks that will harass you throughout the level and will destroy you on contact. You can destroy the sparks with your own bullets but the sparks are not worth any points.

As stated before, you must destroy the Star Lord before he becomes mobile. An audible and visual alert is triggered about 20 seconds before the Star Lord becomes mobile. Once mobile, your bullets will no longer destroy it nor the fortress rings and your only choice is to escape. If you are destroyed while trying to escape, the level ends and you move on to the next level.

To control the game, position your thumbs over the controller overlay at the bottom of the screen. You can rotate your ship left and right with the left thumb. You control your thrusters and fire control with your right thumb. If you happen to run into the Star Fortress, your ship will bounce harmlessly (unless there's a spark attached to that particular ring segment). While your ship is fading in, you are free to move and are invulnerable for a few seconds.

Before the start of each game, you're free to select the level of your choosing. Veteran players need not be forced to start from the first level. Star Fortress has unlimited levels much like the original that inspired it. Unlike the original, the Star Lord has a few extra tricks up his sleeve as you advance through the levels.

Score Table:
Wall Segment - 33 points
Star Lord - 5000 points + time and ring segment bonus
Escape - 5000 points (no time nor ring segment bonus)

Extra Ships at 5000, 15000, 25000, 50000, and every 50000 thereafter

-Stay moving. Remaining stationary can quickly become deadly once there's an opening in the fortress. It will also keep you ahead of the sparks
-Shoot the Star Lord quickly for better time bonuses. These bonuses can make the difference on earning that next extra ship
-Shooting out all the segments for a ring will cause a new ring to be regenerated from the center