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Traffic Light Diet Plan & Food Check Calorie Counter

iPhone / iPad
  • Health & Fitness
  • Food & Drink
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Food traffic light colors are an essential guide for shoppers to better understand whether sugar, fat and salt / sodium contents in our cornflakes, pizza or yogurts are in the red, yellow or green zone. With this app, it has finally become possible to simply glance at a product and understand if it is good for you and your family.

Food nutrients are divided into 3 colours. It’s a quick way to identify excessive amounts of fat, sugar, salt or calories “at a glance”. Browse the extensive database of products by color or add your own products and find out how your family’s diet can be improved!

Color indicators:
RED = less healthy, stop and eat in small quantities / only occasionally
YELLOW = ok choice, eat every once in a while & in moderate amounts
GREEN = healthy choice, eat as much as you like

If you are in a hurry and have to make a choice, this app is an excellent guide. Its database of common foods can be searched by product, manufacturer or category.

Use the rank feature to order lists by nutrient (best from the top, including colour codes) and discover who are the best / worst offenders. You can even search these lists and go through individual brands and manufacturers!

The built-in portion size calculator adds additional nutrient info (carbs, protein, dietary fiber) and helps you to visualize the effects of different serving sizes. Simply use the slider and watch what happens to that "healthy" breakfast cereal!

• Nutrient guide in traffic light colours: more greens = better choice
• Database with thousands of everyday & popular products / brands
• 48 food categories, from A like "alcohol-free drinks" to V like "vegetables & herbs"
• Sort lists by nutrient (ascending / descending), even within search results
• Visual serving size calculator with interactive nutrient slider
• Add your own products if you are unsure, even on the go
• VoiceOver accessible & offline usable