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Self Destruct Lite

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
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****Please note the Lite version of Self Destruct only features one red button and three end game animations. So don’t be cheap! Download the full version for .99 cents so I can finally get that pony I’ve always wanted….****
Having a bad day? Can’t take the pressure anymore?? Then it’s time to announce your defeat, launch the Self Destruct app, and press the shiny red button…but only IF YOU DARE!!

Self Destruct will put you to the most extreme test, while giving you the ultimate power to end it all. Once launched, you are presented with a flashing red button to press and witness the end results.

The consequences from pressing the shiny candy like button vary from: static screen, activating the emergency broadcast system, launching a nuclear bomb, blowing up the Earth, and more!

The Buttons:

In the full version of Self Destruct, there are 3 different buttons to choose from. Which button of doom will you choose?

Standard – The classic shinny red button. How long can you resist from pressing it?
Thumb Scanner – This hi-tech thumb scanner will first scan your finger for print scan identification. Once your print scan is accepted, the hidden air-lock blast doors will open to reveal the Self Destruct red button.
The Box – With safety as a priority, press the key to open the glass door to access the red button.

The End Is Near:

In the full version of Self Destruct, there are 7 different end result animations for your viewing pleasure.

Static Screen
This Is Not A Test
Emergency Broadcast System
Evil Skull
Nuclear Bomb Explosion
Planet Earth Destroyed
Random Explosions

The Final Countdown:

Choose from 5 different countdown announcements. Choose wisely since they will be the last voice you will ever hear…EVER!

All Self Destruct events can be pre-selected or set to random so you never know what you are going to get.