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Guitar Strummer Lite is based on the fact that most songs can be played with just 3 chords. This includes most Traditional songs, Gospel, Folk, Blues tunes, as well as songs found in pop and rock styles, for example:

- Happy Birthday (C, F, G7)
- Bye Bye Love (D, A7, G)
- Breakfast At Tiffanyís (D, G, A)
- Alouette (G, Em, D7)
- Wade In The Water (Em, B7, C)
- My Darling Clementine (C, G7, Dm)
- Mr. Tambourine Man (G, A7, D)
- etc.

Guitar Strummer Lite was specially designed with one purpose in mind:

Play it live!

Which means:
- Entertain and impress an audience with your performance
- Accompany your singing on the iPhone

Are you a teacher who would like to sing with his or her students?
Or when you are at a party with friends and feel the urge to sing a tune or two?

Here's how StrummerLite works:
- Select the three chords for your song
- Strum across the fretboard to hear your chord.
- Sing and play-along with Guitar Strummer Lite!

Also possible with Guitar Strummer Lite:
- Plug your iPhone into any amplifier (external computer speakers, guitar amp etc.)
- Strum with your bandmates at a gig
- Post your ideas on YouTube (We would like to hear from you!)

You can also enjoy accompanying yourself privately with your headphones.

With a little practice you'll be able to do some picking patterns and play along with the acoustic guitar chord progressions of songs like "Nothing Else Matters" etc.