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This application provides an RPN platform emulating the voyager series (model 11, 12, 15 and 16) introduced thirty years ago. It employs mathematical computation as found in the original 80s calculators and comes with some unique features such as RPN stack visualization, RAM editing & backups, portrait view mode and fully customizable look and feel.

User Interface features:

– 39 keys in both portrait and landscape orientation
– 4 level RPN stack display (X, Y, Z and T)
– RAM editing and backup (swipe left on calculator display)
– customized switching mode e.g. copy or reset stack values
– customized keystroke behavior (click, glow, vibration on iphone)
– toggle mode for prefix keys
– customized look and feel, choose a modern flat look or more classic emboss look
– back label reference information display
– contextual help for all calculator functions

Calculator features:

– RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) entry mode, programmable
– Engineering model is identical to the original 11 model e.g. trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, factorial, combinations, permutations, random numbers, linear regression and more
– Financial model is identical to the original 12 model e.g. computation of loans, cash flow, bonds, time-value money, depreciation, amortization, IRR and more
– Scientific calculator is identical to the original 15 i.e. 11 model functions plus root solving, matrix calculations, numerical integration, complex numbers and more
– Computer scientist calculator identical functions to the original 16 model e.g. binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal display, adjustable word length (64 bit max), floating point and fixed point arithmetic, register shifts, mask, bit operations and much more