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Kids and Parents: Parenting Quiz

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Raising kids is tough enough. They certainly don't come with an instruction manual, and
you're not given a test before you have one. But personality plays a role in just about
everything, even raising your children.

Your children are at a disadvantage to you, you have all the money, all the power, its your
home, your roof and your rules. So how do your children get what they want from you? They
spend a lot of time studying your personality, what you like and don't like. They know how
to use the things they can do well to push your buttons and get you to dance to their tune.
They know when to stand up to you or when to appear to agree, but do what they want anyway.

But wouldn't you like to be able to get your kids to do what you want? You can, once you
understand their personality and how it interacts with yours. Answer ten questions about
how you would respond to situations as a child and then answer ten questions about how
your kids respond to situations. How would you and your child respond to situations such as

- birthday parties
- restaurants
- traveling
- sports
- meals
- cliques at school
- timeouts
- brushing teeth
- dressing your kids
- getting up in the morning
- going to sleep at night
- and much more!

Based on your answers to the questions, Kids and Parents Compatibility test will indicate:

- Your characteristics
- Your child's characteristics
- How you and your child interact
- Areas of compatibility
- Areas of conflict
- How to talk to your kids so they will listen
- How to hear what your kids are saying