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The calorie calculation of the meal is troublesomely embarrassed due to diabetic etc.
The metabolic syndrome medical examination starts, the stomach surroundings are anxious, and I want to take care about meal.
It wants to be dieting where the nutritional balance was able to be taken.
However, it is not understood how to do the meal limitation.

It appears the assistance of the meal treatment of application program answering such needs.
The name also"DT(Dietetic Treatment because of becoming health)"

【 How to use 】
1.Set of target calorie
2.Set of Kcal or Joule (1Kcal =4.18605KJoule)
3.Eaten dish and ingredient are registered.
4.Let's check the total intake calorie and advice by the result display and use it to diet.

【 feature 】
・A total calorie and a total unit can be easily understood by registering the ingredient and the dish from the menu of breakfast, lunch, and the supper on the day and "Dietetic treatment because of becoming health" can be done.
・The intake calorie and the unit can be displayed at the time of breakfast, lunch, supper, and each eating (sweets and midnight snack, etc.) between meals.
・Because the intake calorie and the unit are displayed according to the classification (cereals, meat fishes, vegetable, fruit, oils and fats, seasoning, and dairy products), management where be able the balance can be done.
・The advice of a total calorie and a total unit can be displayed by classifying it after supper after the lunch after the breakfast.
・There is a dictionary of each article that the calorie and the unit are examined from the number etc. of grams of articles (dish and ingredient).