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我愛統一發票 PRO

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
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從民國39年元旦開始實施,統一發票至今已陪伴了我們走過了59年的歷史,『發票』在大家的眼中,不只是一張普通的紙張,更是一種收支的紀錄,『我愛統一發票』放置在iPhone/iPod Touch中將幫助您紀錄每一筆的統一發票號碼及其消費金額,在發票號碼開獎後,您只需要直接點擊對獎,系統就會為您核對所有的發票號碼,並幫您將這兩個月的紀錄做一個統計分析,您可儲存這份統計資料以便日後做查詢之用;若您臨時找到未輸入的發票,也可以利用立即對獎功能進行快速的對獎唷!







支援 IOS 4.3以上

Been carried out since 1950 January 1st, the uniform invoice has been with us for 59 years. The “uniform invoice,” in people’s opinion, is more than a piece of paper; it’s a custom of record of revenues and expenditures. “I Love Uniform Invoices,” built on iPhone/iPod, will help you conveniently record every uniform invoice number and the expenditures on the uniform invoices. All you have to do is directly click the “match winning numbers” button after the numbers are announced and the system will match all the uniform invoice numbers for you, moreover, it’ll analyze the statistics of the uniform invoice numbers for the near two months and you can save them to recheck afterwards, even if you unexpectedly find an unchecked uniform invoice, you can use speedy matching to match winning numbers immediately!

App Feature:

1.Daily Records:
Every day when organizing the uniform invoices, you can directly record the numbers on the uniform invoices to the system so that will be more convenient to check if it matches the winning numbers and leave out the tedious procedures on the dates when the winning numbers are announced; moreover, each record of the uniform invoices may be marked some information such as the expense amount or notes so that you can organize the uniform invoices and establish a good custom of accounting at the same time.

2.One Number Check:
In “Speedy Matching” section, there has added a new function---one number check. As soon as you input the first number of the numbers on the uniform invoices, the system will immediately check for you if it matches the winning numbers of that period so that you can instantly know if it’s possibly prizewinning and won’t waste time on inputting numbers that don’t match the winning ones.

3. Achievement System:
This app adds achievement function and achievement badges can also be joyfully shared with yours friends through Facebook!

4.Regret Announcement:
When you key in numbers of the daily uniform invoices, the system will compare them with the winning numbers for the past ten years. Sometimes you may luckily draw a prizewinning ticket, even though it feels a little regretful for passing by the prizes, it increases the surprising feelings when you check the winning numbers!