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TurkeyTimer helps you take the guesswork out of Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holiday cooking. Enter the weight of your turkey, whether it's stuffed, your desired internal temperature, and whether you plan to baste the turkey. Using algorithms based on top cookbook instructions, TurkeyTimer will track the approximate brownness of your turkey, the approximate internal temperature of your turkey, and about how long it will be until you can take the turkey out of the oven. This handy tool will even remind you when it's time to baste the turkey!


- Know how soon your turkey will be ready
- Know your turkey's internal temperature
- Track your turkey's brownness
- Choose between a moister or a dryer turkey
- Know when it's time to baste
- Always works, even if you send text messages or make or receive phone calls

With TurkeyTimer, you can be certain that your turkey will be perfect!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The timing algorithms used in TurkeyTimer are derived from cooking instructions found in James Peterson's 'Essentials of Cooking' and Jean Anderson and Elaine Hanna's 'The New Doubleday Cookbook.' These algorithms will provide you with approximate temperature and browning guides for your turkey. For turkeys with a desired internal temperature of 145 degrees, TurkeyTimer assumes an oven temperature of 325°. For turkeys with a desired internal temperature of 180 degrees, TurkeyTimer assumes an oven temperature of 350°. As all ovens and turkeys are slightly different, TurkeyTimer should be used in conjunction with - and not in place of - an instant-read thermometer and your oven's built-in timer. The creators of TurkeyTimer are not responsible for any turkey-related holiday mishaps and shall not be liable for any culinary misjudgments real or imagined.