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QuickCalcs is a construction calculator designed to speed up routine calculations.

It is most effective and designed to be used in the field. Often specific design decisions have to be made during installation. QuickCalcs makes calculating different scenarios fast - roll the wheels, see the answer.

Unlike typical calculators QuickCalcs displays both the numbers being entered, and the answer, instantly and at all times. This reduces the chance of errors due to mistakes while entering the numbers.

QuickCalcs calculates in decimal and feet/inches/fractions, and shows results on the fly. That means if you decide to change part of the calculation (e.g. the number of steps in a stairway) there is no need to re-enter the whole calculation, just change what you want and the answer is instantly displayed. This feature also allows you to quickly try several different numbers and even "hone in" on an answer from an initial guess, saving you time and therefore money.

In addition to the common operations QuickCalcs also has a DIAG button which calculates the length of a diagonal between two sides of a right angle, therefore allowing you to square up a wall without using the 3-4-5 method.

Getting the job done quickly is critical in the construction business and QuickCalcs is here to help.