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What is NASSAU?

Avid golfers know this game to be one of the more popular golf competition games.

A NASSAU game (or Nassau Bet as it is more commonly referred to) gets its name from the Nassau Country Club on Long Island, where the format was invented in the early 1900s. The game also is known as "2-2-2", and "Best Nines."

The Nassau is a type of bet in golf that is essentially three separate bets. A bet is wagered on the best match play score in the front nine (holes 1-9), back nine (holes 10-18), and total 18 holes (or as I referred to it as Overall 18 holes). The amount of the bet is established -- often $2 or $5 -- for each of the three separate bets. Points are calculated by scoring each hole as a separate match. The player with the lowest score on a hole wins a point. If the scores tie for a hole, this results in a "push," or no points won or lost.

During Nassau, a player or team that is losing may "press" in an effort to even their money for either the front nine, back nine or overall 18 holes bets. A Nassau Press is another bet that will run for only the remaining holes to be played for the current side (front 9 or back 9) being played, and may also be for the overall 18 holes bet. Press bets can themselves be pressed if the player falls two points behind on the press bet.

This App closely follows the above description of the game with the following different characteristics:

** Teams Option - although not discussed in many articles, Nassau can be played as teams, either 2 against 1, 2 against 2 or 3 against one.

** Handicaps Option - standard handicapping will be applied: players will receive handicaps (strokes) calculated against low handicapper playing and the strokes are applied according to the hole handicaps of the selected course. You must select a course to use handicaps option.

** Nassau Stroke Play - choose this game option instead of Nassau Match Play; bets are won based on total strokes for each bet, with or without handicaps.

** Presses (Auto Press) Option - there is no manual press (or press at any time); and there is no press for the overall 18 holes bet. However, you have the option to turn on "Auto Press" before you start the match.

-- For Stroke Play, a press is automatically applied when any player (or a team) is down by 5 strokes AND at least three holes have been played since the start of the last bet.

-- For Match Play, a press is automatically applied when any player (or a team) is down by 2 points (or 2 holes) since the start of the last bet.

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