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Physics Pro

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Tired of struggling with Physics? Let "Physics Pro" ease your pain.

This application covers seven main topics right now. More solvers and tutorials are planned for future updates.

1. Newton's Laws of Motion

Explanations and examples of Newton's three laws of motion.

2. Projectile Motion

"Physics Pro" explains and analyzes projectile motion in a clear and concise way. Input four parameters, and let this powerful application do the rest.

After you enter the velocity, launch angle, acceleration due to gravity, and initial height of a projectile, "Physics Pro" instantly displays:

- The peak height of the projectile
- The time to reach the peak
- The time to fall from the peak to the ground
- The total time in the air
- The maximum horizontal distance
- The final velocity
- The final angle with respect to the ground

In addition, "Physics Pro" allows you to view the moment by moment characteristics of projectile motion by giving you complete control of an adjustable time-line.

3. Circular Motion

Solve for force, mass, velocity or radius for objects moving along circular paths. There is also a thorough tutorial that explains the central formula that governs centripetal acceleration.

4. Springs

Learn about Hooke's Law, potential energy, and frequency of oscillation.

5. Coulomb's Law

"Physics Pro" explains Coulomb's Law with straightforward wording and helpful examples. There's also a solver to compute F, q1, q2 or r.

6. Electrical Circuits

Analyze and calculate the equivalent resistance for resistors in parallel. More content planned soon!

7. Refraction

This application contains a great tutorial on Snell's Law, numerous examples, and a table of refraction indices for many media.

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