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Check out the video at the website. Evade the onslaught of bullets while blasting the enemy spaceships and missiles.

The enemy spaceships can put up shields, go into stealth mode, and change direction and speed at any time.

The missiles can destroy the earth shield and explode on the earth. If enough missiles explode on the earth, you will lose a gun.

To defeat the enemy, you must destroy all their spaceships before they destroy your guns.

- Always keep thumb on the bottom dragger panel, ready to move. Use other hand to tap and shoot.
- Keep moving. Stay out of the corners.
- See the entire screen. Be aware of the paths of the oncoming bullets. See the gaps developing and move into them.
- Stay cool, relaxed, focused, patient, and you will prevail on the more difficult levels.

- For better performance, in Settings, you can turn "missiles" OFF.
- For better performance, in Settings, you can turn "explode into bits" OFF.

- Multiple levels.
- Can change settings on game in progress and then resume or restart the game.
- Can turn background music, other effects, ON or OFF.
- Background music has its own volume control. Other sounds use the device volume control.
- Play with or without missiles. Turning missiles OFF will typically cause an extra spaceship to be added to the battle.
- Spaceships have random behavior for when to change direction and speed, when to use shields or go into stealth mode, and for when to fire bullets.
- Can toggle the earth's shield on/off.
- Missiles destroy the earth's shield according to their numerical value. The shield is constantly regenerating its power, so when destroyed, it will soon repair itself and continue to power up until it reaches full power.
- When the earth shield is destroyed, or toggled off, the missiles will explode on the earth. When the "Lose Gun" score gets down to 0, you lose a gun. Then the "Lose Gun" score will reset itself and start over. So don't completely ignore the missiles.