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ChordCalc Lite

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Music
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ChordCalc Lite is the free version of ChordCalc, an evolving interactive calculator for guitar chords. Both versions include an interactive guitar fretboard to enter and find fingerings, plus 3 other interfaces to build chords and perform common chord operations like adding extensions, transposing to other keys, and harmonizing within scales.

ChordCalc Lite includes all the features of ChordCalc, but is limited to Standard Tuning and doesn't support iPad. The full version of ChordCalc includes 20 additional guitar tunings.

ChordCalc Lite keeps chords in perspective, showing them in the context of keys and scales. In the Scale Screen drag a chord up and down through keys to transpose, drag across to move through harmonies. The Circle Screen has three well-rounded ways to transpose and harmonize within the key/scale. A piano is also included on 3.5" devices.

The Guitar interface is based on the guitar palette from the Mac app FretPet. You can touch to toggle tones directly on the fretboard, or use the adjustable bracket to choose a range of frets and ChordCalc Lite finds complete fingerings automatically.

ChordCalc Lite includes all these features:

• Enter chords by name with the extended

• View and select from among 11 other names
for the chord

• Build chords from notes, functions, or stacked

• Modify chords in relation to modes, scales,
and keys

• See how a chord fits into all 12 keys

• View and edit chords by toggling notes in the
Circle of 5ths or Semitones

• Harmonize chords in the Circle of Harmonies

• View and edit chords on a piano interface

• Toggle notes on the guitar fretboard to build
and identify chords

• Slide and resize a bracketed region of the
fretboard to auto-generate fingerings

• Strum fingered chords to hear how they will
sound on a real instrument

• View notes accurately or turn on "Loose Tone
Naming" for more readable notes.