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Last season on NCIS...

Season 6 kicked off with Gibbs supervising a completely new team after the new NCIS Director, Leon Vance, reassigned Tony, McGee, and Ziva, following the death of former NCIS Director Jenny Shepard. Needless to say, Gibbs’ and Vance’s work relationship was off to a very prickly start. Gibbs quickly learns from Vance that the breakup of his team was engineered to investigate a mole within NCIS; his three new team members are Vance’s three prime suspects.

One of the suspects, Langer, is proven to be the mole and killed before he can be taken into custody. Unbeknownst to Vance and Gibbs, the real mole - Agent Lee - framed Langer to get the heat off herself. Following the apparent solving of the mole case, Vance allows Ziva and McGee to transfer back to Gibbs’ team, though he keeps Tony stationed on the USS Seahawk, which angers Gibbs. After solving a case involving two murders and an anthrax vaccine aboard the USS Seahawk, Vance transfers Tony back to Gibbs’ team.

Season 7 looks like it will be an exciting continuation of the NCIS tradition, with a determined and enraged Tony attempting to rescue Ziva from the terrorist. After that, expect the complete team to reassemble; however, don’t expect everything to go back to normal. Ziva will most likely come out of this experience changed and the big question will be how she and Tony interact now, after he killed Rivkin whom she may have loved.

Will any possibility of a relationship between them dissipate or will she learn to forgive him since he risked his own life to save her? Also this season, watch for the continuation of conflict between Vance and Gibbs. Their relationship has been prickly in the past, to say the least, but perhaps this season the two will continue to warm up. Hopefully we will see a continuation of the fascinating Mossad subplot. Will Eli and Mossad come into further conflict with NCIS in Season 7? Will this put added strain on Ziva’s alliance to the two organizations? Watch Season 7 of NCIS with me and find out!