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We've all witnessed spectacles of failure that leave us speechless. Faceplants of such legend as to defy description and leave our brains completely blank with wonder. Gross incompetence combined with such poetry that we cannot even respond.

Never fear, In A Day Development is here for you.

Never again will you be unequipped to point out the shortcomings of those around you due to your speechlessness commencing immediately after witnessing the event.

Enter "FAIL!", an all-purpose* app allowing you to instantly ridicule the unsuccessful attempts at not-sucking of your compatriots.

With 32 exclamations of mockery, "FAIL!" will ensure that you will always be prepared in those tense social situations where everyone's reaching for their phones to call an ambulance, tell their friends, or lever the foreign body out of someone's face. In those situations it's probably not polite to point and laugh.

But there's an app for that.

And "FAIL!" is that app. You're welcome.

* "FAIL!" has only one purpose. It's not a particularly nice purpose. But it's a fun purpose.