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Keeping in touch with your world! – Cuspus enables you to keep your family & friends updated with your location and what you are doing – but you are in control. Not everyone has an iPhone – no problem; Cuspus can instantly update your Twitter and Facebook accounts with your location and your personal message. Need to send an individual a quick message or note? - Cuspus allows free instant messaging with your chosen family & friends, allowing you to maintain your privacy if desired. Push notification support means that they will receive the message even when Cuspus is not running. Want to meet-up with a friend at a busy outdoor event? – Use the Pinpoint screen to direct you towards each other. Favourite locations can be easily set and used in your updates. Automatic updates can be enabled; this can be used for example to keep an eye on a loved-one as they progress on a long journey.

Cuspus has been created for everyone who has someone or something that is important to them. Cuspus is a fully featured application that is free – there is no cut-down Lite version and no paid for Pro version. Everybody gets the full works! Oh and there is no advertising so don’t worry!

Features and benefits:

- Map automatically zooms to show the last updated position of all of your family and friends in the world, who use Cuspus. Also shows all of the favourite locations that you have defined.
- Send location – First Cuspus determines where you are, perhaps you are at a favourite location that you have set up such as “The Red Lion Pub” or you can select between the street name, town/city name or the country name – depending upon how much information you want to share! Then, you can then add some text of your own, before selecting whether you want this update sent to Twitter, Facebook or you just want to update your Cuspus account. Now simply press Send and your world is updated!
- Automatic updates – you can enable automatic updates to occur every few minutes. This is useful when say you are travelling to a friends house – they can simply keep updated on your progress by keeping an eye on their Cuspus, Twitter or Facebook accounts.

- Shows the locations of your family, friends and favourite locations on a screen that looks a bit like a radar display!
- Select target to highlight and see how far away it is (as the crow flies).
- Use this screen to help you find a friend or favourite – when you are travelling the display will rotate – to reach your chosen location move in a direction that keeps their icon as close to the 12 o’clock position as possible. Please note that on the iPhone 3G because you don’t have the compass that is provided on the 3GS, the rotation of this display can be a bit jerky, this is because it relies upon your continuous forward movement to determine the direction you are travelling in.
- Quick location marker – this places a temporary marker at your current location. This is useful to find your way back to your car in a big outdoor car park.

- Shows all of your chosen family and friends on Cuspus, their last location update, last update time and whether they are currently on-line.
- Select a friend to send them a free instant message via the Cuspus servers.
- Edit the name / nickname that you want Cuspus to display them as.
- Send an email invitation to your family and friends to share Cuspus.

- Add your current location as a named favourite location. Then, in future, whenever you are within the radius of this location, Cuspus will use your chosen place name instead of the street/town/country name.