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Beijing Discovery AR

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
  • Food & Drink
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★ 探索北京,特别为国人设计的扩增实境软体。结合Hybrid-AR (混合扩张现实技术)、电子罗盘、风水罗盘、3D感测器、AGPS及内建景点资料库,探索北京将带给您全新的玩乐体验,让您的iPhone 3GS带给您人性化科技的感动,也绝对让您的亲友豔羨不已
★ 使用介面: 简体中文
★ 适用设备:IPhone 3Gs
★ 网路需求: 需要 WIFI、GPRS、3G或3.5G网路
★ GPS需求: 有内建GPS较佳,但可支援手动定位(浏览地图需有网路连线)
★ 地图: 采用Google Map,需要有网路才能更新地图,离线状态可使用扩张现实或浏览所储存的离线地图
★ Augmented Reality,简称 AR,是一种宾时地计算摄影机影像的位置及角度并加上相应图像的技术,这种技术的目标是在屏幕上把虚拟世界套在现实世界并进行互动

Your iPhone 3GS has full release of its potential influence? Is also hard to not have a network, they can not query attractions information?

Beijing Discovery AR, in addition to providing a wealth of travel tools, built-in attractions coordinates database precedence over other similar software. Internet is only required when access to google map, you can query and display in the expansion of the real attractions,
In addition, travel information before departure as long as the first package download store, with [Beijing Discovery AR], even if there is no network and they can read travel information. If you have been living in Beijing,
It contains tens of thousands of pen inside Beijing's scenic spots location-based information, you can based on need at any time check the location of these places, addresses, or URLs. If you are traveling to Beijing travel, tourism or permanent,
In addition to providing you with a convenient database of attractions, it also is suitable for your portable travel notebook, you can take pictures, record your travel journal can also be photographs and location at any time be sent to friends and relatives.

- Equipped with expansion of the real engine, whether it is query attractions, attractions bookmarks, favorites, or travel diaries it, all can be rendered in the expansion of the real world.
- To play related to the main attractions, a wealth of attractions built-coordinates can be off-line query
- Attractions classification model in use navigation software commonly used method of classification and the other to increase Beijing endemic Category
- Near the facilities inquiries, keyword search
- Can be added to delete the memorandum and my favorite spots
- May at any time the information on maps or web page to images stored together in the future the way you can cover flow off-line browsing
- Records of travel photos, logs, draw the tourist footprint
- Can be satellite positioning coordinates and travel photographs to send to family and friends at any time
- More than 120,000 POI collections, all POI you need at Beijing
- Built-in logging sites can record or delete the last check-off spots, and you can join at any time or delete favorites, for future inquiries at any time
- When you click navigation features, auto-enabled Google Map navigation path planning
- Links to information Web Search Attractions
- Travel Log: You can record your travel diary, links to travel photos, and travel through the system to draw your map, and can be shared through the synchronization feature will be attractions to the user community.
- You can keep the current location, coordinates, map links, attractions photos ready to send to friends and family, just as the free MMS