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Johnny Burpets

iPhone / iPad
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The most comical and clumsy English Bulldog of all the times has finally arrived andhis name is Johnny Burpets!

You are warned! Try Johnny and then you'll not be able to stay without him and couldn't stop him from messing with everyone around you! He will simply bark in front of the unfortunate and (after secretly turned Johnny in "BURP" mode) when will be his turn to interact with Johnny he'll be fired by an incredible titan-sized BURP with mouth wide open and with a lots of vibrations!

Clumsy, funny, rude, naughty, funny, beautiful, lovely ...

When you start Johhny he'll be there with eyes closed, snoring and sleeping and
puffing on the microphone! His belly swells and deflates while the nostrils open and close. In short, a professional sleeper!

To wake up him all you have to do is touch his nice face and he'll complain
annoyed for a few seconds but then he'll open the eyes! Then he'll raise the head and will start
orbserving you breathing with funny sounds and moving right/left the head until you touch it again.

Well... a few seconds after you've touched Johnny and he's waked upstands at your attention, with

another touch on his face he will answer barking so ridiculous with his voice hoarse and rude.
When he's finished barking If you touch him again he will do it again.
If you are not going to do anything else he'll misery move down his head and moaning pitifully before return to sleep, snoring consistently.

********* THE BEST IS BELOW! ***********

When Johnny is asleep or when he's waked up you can click on the word Johnny in
top left corner of the screen (see screenshot) to activate the BURP mode and you'll see a "B" red over the paw.
This means that once Johnny is up, when you go to touch the face of Johnny
Instead of barking he'll shoot a giant belch straightens your hair with his mouth wide open with both head and vibrating phone! A Colossal BURP sound!!!!

IMPORTANT: To get the best user experience set your sounds VOLUME at the HIGHER LEVER POSSIBLE.

Summary functions and instructions for use:

Step 1) Johnny asleep snoring. If you touch him He'll wake up and stay to observe you moving his head right/left. From your touch you'll have to wait 10 seconds before you can interact again with him.

Step 2) At this stage attention Johnny is watching you turning the head and right
left waiting for your iteraction. You have 8-10 seconds to touch him otherwise he return to sleep. If you touch him Johnny bark or Burp depending on your choice.

Step 3) If near the "Johnny word" at the upper-left corner there is only a paw then it mean that Johnny is in NORMAL mode and if you're going to touch Johnny then he'll bark.
If you have activated the Burp mode by clicking on the word "Johnny" in the upper left cornet
(a red "B" appear above the paw then he's going to burp monstrously


Imagine yourself showing Johnny to a coworker: you show him as Johnny sleeps,
how Johnny looks to you and how it barks clumsily.
Imagine that after this your coworker will want to try it himself. Before give to him the phone you're going to activate the BURP mode and when your colleague will go to show Johnny to his favourite
coworker-woman tryng to positively impress her he'll make a great fool with the mega burp that Johnny shoot in the air!


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