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For people, who feel embarrassed to let water - be it at the doctor, with a doping test or on public toilets, PeasyGoing can be an easing help.

PeasyGoing- The original
When you want to go, but cannot
Everyone knows the feeling: the bladder is urging, but nothing is flowing.
Regardless of whether you are at the doctors office or at the drug screening the words, „ We will be needing a urine sample...“ are all you need to hear in order for all normal function to cease.
This is referred to as timid bladder syndrome.
PeasyGoing helps in these moments. Simply put on your headphones and listen.
The encouraging sound helps within minutes.
You will hear special and lavishly produced sounds of droplets and flowing water.
You have the option of 5 different PeasyGoing soundtracks.
All of them were recorded in 3-D, elaborately produced and edited especially for this purpose. Irresistably enticing and inhibition releasing.
The times of embarassing „I can’t“ moments are over.

My PeasyGoing
Find out which one of our PeasyGoing versions works best for you.
Mark your choice.
Set the volume low, but so that you are still able to take in the water sound details.
If played too loud, PeasyGoing loses ist effectiveness.
>From now on, you need only click the PeasyGoing icon in the main menu and to put on your headphones.
To stop the track, simply click the icon a second time.

PeasyGoing at the doctor’s office and at the drug screening.
The most sucessful track has been "Flowing Pearls".
Click on the icon and hand the iphone/ipod touch and the headphones to your client.