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What's new in version 1.3:
You asked for it, now you can have it. The PhotoCity App is able to submit new seed buildings directly from iPhone. Try submitting any building you think interesting to PhotoCity!

What's new in this version:
1. New seed adding ability, you can play anywhere by starting a new one on your own!
2. A minigame that helps you familiarize with the real gamplay.
3. PhotoCity has more zones available! Play PhotoCity in New York, Seattle, Ithaca, Boston, Moscow and more cities!
4. Multiple fixes.

Let's expand the PhotoCity world!


PhotoCity -- The game that you can use your iPhone to take photos, capture flags, and build a 3D model of buildings that you ever visited!

About the Game:

In PhotoCity, you are competing to earn points and capture flags and buildings for your team. Virtual flags are placed around specific buildings, and if you take pictures in real life where these flags are located, you will aid in capturing that flag for your team. The pictures you take will combine with other players' photos to turn your 2D images into a rich 3D reconstruction. When you take a picture of something -- such as your school library -- and submit it, it will generate new 3D points, and YOU get credit for those points. When you
and your teammates capture enough points at a flag, you capture it. When your have enough flags of a building, you own the building!

As the game progresses, richer and bigger 3D models of PhotoCity GROWS out of a few starting models until your entire campus is reconstructed in 3D!


How the App Works:

When you use this application, you will see a map covered in flags differently in each supported zones. When you click on a flag, it will show you what the virtual model looks like, and show where the virtual flag is located with respect to the virtual model. If you are walking near the flagged buildings, you will be able to take photos, submit them directly to a flag in-game, and see how many points you contributed to that flag and building.

It may also happen that you are not near any supported zones. If so, you can make a zone near you through creating new building by submitting your own seed.

Chat capabilities are also built into the app for you to use to communicate with your teammates, taunt the opposing teams, or discuss general strategies for taking the most effective photos.

Currently in PhotoCity, we have people added buildings in the following cities:
  •Seattle (Hot!)
  •Ithaca (Hot!)
  •New York City

There are more appearing to come in the near future. We are looking forward to seeing you contribute your own seed buildings to PhotoCity!



Photocity is a product of collaboration between the University of Washington Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the Cornell Department of Computer Science.

The game uses our state-of-the-art 3D reconstruction algorithms to build 3d models. Our ultimate goal is to reconstruct the entire world, one photo at a time. This project has been made possible by a generous grant from Intel Corporation.