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Something Fishy Virtual Aquarium

iPhone / iPad
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Something Fishy Virtual Aquarium

Welcome to the world of Something Fishy! Something Fishy is a different kind of Aquarium. The fish have a unique geometric cartoon-like style, with hundreds of different variations for the shape, colors, and patterns of the body and fins. You can enjoy your new pets and watch them swim around the virtual tank.

When the program first loads you might be thinking; it's an empty tank! Where's the fish? Well, you need to get some!
You get new fish by clicking the Fish Shop button. Click the button and a new egg will drop to the bottom of the tank. It will have a unique look and personality all it's own. Some are fast, some are slow; some are twitchy, and change direction often, others are more steadfast, and keep going straight till they can go straight no more.

You can touch a fish to select it and drag it around the screen. When a fish is selected, it will have a white box around it, with the fish's name at the top.

Each fish will be given a name when it's egg is laid, but you can select a fish and click the fish button to rename it.

These little fishes have a full life cycle. They grow up, grow old, and eventually die of old age. They hatch from eggs and begin as little tadpole-like larvae called "frys". These newborn fish are small, thin, white, and have big black eyes. As they grow, they become pastel, and then get the bright colors of adulthood. As they get old, the colors fade as they become dull and gray. When a fish dies, it will float to the surface. You need to select dead fish and flush them by touching the Toilet button.

You can pause the fish- it makes it easier to select one than trying to catch them as they swim around. When you press the button they don't stop instantly- they slow down gradually then stop moving. When they are paused, the Pause button becomes a Play button to resume their swim.
You can select a picture as a background behind the aquarium. You can pick any picture you have, but I recommend a shot of a cute kitten looking longingly at the fish. :)

The info button has two functions; if no fish is selected, this page comes up. If you have a fish selected, you will see it's birth certificate, age, and lifespan.

Enjoy your new virtual pets!