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Test Success! Exam Preperation and Cardio Workout Affirmations

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Title: Test Success! Affirmation - Cardio
Length: 14:56


Affirmations and exercise are made for each other. As you work your body, the affirmations infuse your mind with added impact. After just a few workouts with this recording, you will experience the affirmations as regularly recurring thoughts in your mind. This track is designed specifically for a 15-minute workout.

Test anxiety is a big struggle for many people. Students and professionals in the work environment are often asked to demonstrate knowledge, skill, or competency by taking tests. Many people - maybe you - are psyched out by test before it even begins.

This track is designed to give you the confidence you need to know that you learn anything and succeed on tests. The key to success with affirmation audio is constant use rather than cramming for an exam. Start using it weeks in advance of your test for maximum results and continue using it throughout your learning experience.

The affirmations are backed by pulsing exercise music that motivates you to push through the affirmations and your workout.

The track contains four primary affirmations repeated multiple times in both the first person and second person for maximum effectiveness. The primary affirmations are mixed with the repeating interludes "Learning Easy" and "Acing Tests" throughout the track.

The primary affirmations are:

1. I enjoy learning! I am a good learner! Learning comes easy for me! You enjoy learning! You are a good learner! Learning comes easy for you! (repeats 6 times)

2. I am smart and getting smarter every day! I absorb knowledge like sponge! I am capable of learning anything! You are smart and getting smarter every day! You absorb knowledge like sponge! You are capable of learning anything! (Repeats 6 times)

3. I am prepared for my tests! I love taking tests! Tests are a breeze for me! You are prepared for your tests! You love taking tests! Tests are a breeze for you! (Repeats 6 times)

4. A test is my chance to shine! A test is your chance to shine! (Repeats 6 times)