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Golden Ratio Calculator

iPhone / iPad
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“Ratio of God”

We can find out beauty in nature, historic landmark, art and music.
A constant ratio exists there.
From time immemorial, people have been calling it "GOLDEN RATIO".

When you cut off a segment whose length is given by x
from a segment of the unit length,
the ratio of the unit length to x is equal
to the ratio of x to remain.
The ratio is 1.618033988... : 1.
This is the GOLDEN RATIO.

The GOLDEN RATIO guides you make beautiful figures in manufacturing.
GOLDEN RATIO CALCULATOR leads to the miraculous ratio
that ancient artists discovered with their sensibility.
Kazuo KAWASAKI, design director and doctor of medical science, invented this application.

All sales of this application are used
for Peace-Keeping Design (SDwave, NPO).

1. Select textbox in which you want to set the length.
2. Input an arbitrary length, and you will get the GOLDEN RATIO.
3.You can select the figure where GOLDEN RATIO is led
by flicking the screen by your finger.

Design director
Doctor of medical science
Professor of graduate school of engineering, Osaka University


■PKD(Peace-Keeping Design) Project
Peace-Keeping Design Office,
SDwave, Nonprofit Organization
The objective of this project is the realization of
true world peace based on design methodology.
There are limitations to conventional
peacekeeping operations (PKO), or
peacekeeping forces (PKF). This project is
named “Peace-Keeping Design (PKD)” and
aims to be a global peacekeeping activity.
The PKD project takes as its subject various
difficult issues faced by humankind and the
earth, including war, poverty and environmental
destruction. It will seek solutions by
comprehensive approaches centered on design
and will work towards realizing such solutions.