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Addition Beach

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Addition Beach is a fun game that improves the addition skills of children aged 5+.

Developed in conjunction with experienced teachers, Addition Beach tests children’s mental addition skills through carefully designed questions, presented in an engaging, interactive game format.

Game play is simple! To get started just select a level (two difficultly levels each present 10 progressive questions with random variation). The question and four possible answers will zoom onto the screen. Simply tap the balloon with the correct answer. Correct answers earn you points and a new piece of your sand castle!

Older children (and even adults!) will find the timed nature of the games addictive; try to answer the questions as fast as possible to beat the previous best score!

Notes for parents/teachers:
The simple game play of Addition Beach hides a complex question generation system, developed to provide random questions within strict rules. Each question uses a format derived from the definitions in The Mathematics Programme of Study guidelines that form part of the National Numeracy Strategy Framework for teaching mathematics in schools.

Across its two levels, Addition Beach utilises the following statutory requirements of the programme of study for math:

- Solve simple missing number problems, for example, 2 + ? = 6
- Addition facts to 10 and 20
- Adding 10 to any single-digit number
- Adding a multiple of 10 to a two-digit number
- Simple calculations of the form 40 + 30 = ? and 40 + ? =100
- Add pairs of two-digit whole numbers

In order to maintain simplicity, the Addition Beach question generation system intelligently prevents bridging of 100, for example questions with answers that exceed 100 wont be generated when adding pairs of two digit numbers.


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