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愉快的测量仪 (FUN-O-METER Chinese Edition)

iPhone / iPad
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真实或错误,象或爱,很多或少许… 什么它是您被测量的需要,愉快的测量仪可能做它! 使用十个独特的屏幕,一个定制的标题和能力预先设定或随机化结果,愉快的测量仪有不尽的可能性! 从以下米选择: * 0 - 100标度 *真实或错误 *空或充分 *发恶臭O米 *热或冷 *聪明 *薄板或冷却 *热 *象或爱 *优胜者或失败者 打开门选择米,输入您喜欢的所有标题,并且使用滑子设置决赛成绩。 当您关闭门米关闭。 设定您的与您的朋友的笑话或秘密装置并且击中开关显示您的结果! 震动作用您能通过逐字震动电话取得一个完全随意的结果! 使用在您的米将立刻看结果。 它,任意结果将被保存并且被显示您什么时候击中一个惊奇的结果的开关大家的! 某事是否嗅到? 那么,多么腐败是它?您认为她是热的? 让我们发现多么热! 我的想法是否是瘸或凉快的? 让愉快的测量仪决定! 可能性是不尽的。 聚会与有愉快的测量仪的一束您的朋友并且使用震动作用取得高准确性的多个结果! 寄发我们您的评论,并且建议和我们在合并根据您的反馈的另外的米将运作! 谢谢给愉快的测量仪尝试! 声明: 愉快的测量仪是被认为的秘密装置招待。 请,不要使用愉快的测量仪在修改决定的生活! (English) True or False, Like or Love, A Lot or A Little... Whatever it is you need measured, the Fun-O-Meter can do it! With ten unique screens, a customizable title, and the ability to preset or randomize the results, the Fun-O-Meter has endless possibilities! Choose from the following meters: * 0 - 100 Scale * True or False * Empty or Full * Stink-O-Meter * Hot or Cold * Smart or Not * Lame or Cool * Hot or Not * Like or Love * Winner or Loser Open the door to choose the meter, type in any title you like, and use the slider to set the final result. When you close the door the meter will be off. Setup your joke or gimmick with your friends and hit the ON button to display your results! With the SHAKE function you can get a totally random result by literally shaking the phone! With the meter ON you'll see the results immediately. With it off, the random result will be saved and displayed when you hit the ON button for a surprising result for everyone! Does something smell? Well, how stinky is it? You think she's hot? Let's find out how hot! Is my idea lame or cool? Let the Fun-O-Meter decide! The possibilities are endless. Get together with a bunch of your friends who have Fun-O-Meter and use the SHAKE function to get multiple results for higher "accuracy"! Send us your comments and suggestions and we'll work on incorporating additional meters based on your feedback! Thanks for giving the Fun-O-Meter a try! DISCLAIMER: The Fun-O-Meter is a gimmick meant to entertain. Please, do not use the Fun-O-Meter for life-altering decisions!