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A sparkling, vibrant and delightfully addictive game based on a classic genre. Drop new triplets onto your jewel stack to form vertical, horizontal AND diagonal runs and complex clusters of 3 or more matching jewels.

* Matched jewels are cleared allowing the remainder to drop again and cascade into even more match combinations. Higher scores are earned for each deeper cascade level reached. The game features diagonal matching which helps clear out hard-to-reach corners and keeps your move options open and the game play buoyant and fresh.

* Adjust each new triplet to the optimum jewel order and start column before dropping them to maximise your score. You can swipe anywhere on the screen to control the triplet; there's no need to touch the triplet itself. Swipe sideways to change the triplet column, upwards to rotate the triplet's jewel order and downwards to drop the triplet onto your jewel stack.

* Features 2 jewel sizes; a smaller 7-column version and a larger 5-column version for those wanting a greater challenge by making strategic use of the next triplet preview to reclaim grid-space from the jewel stack and keep the game alive.

* The standard puzzle-play gives you time to contemplate your next move strategy or select the classic arcade-play mode where each triplet starts dropping automatically into the grid. The game is sensitive to device orientation allowing you to play not only in standard drop-mode but also sideways in abacus-mode and even upside down in bubble-mode!

* There are 4 timed modes to compare your personal best scores or challenge up to 7 other players. There is also a no-time 'unlimited' mode that can provide truly endless gameplay (including recovery after a phone call or app swap) - but watch out! if your grid-lives run out, the game still ends.

* Other options include lane visibility, background styles and jewel matching and clearance choices. Also select from a fully random triplet sequence or a fixed 'locked' sequence were you can learn from your previous attempts to optimise your move decisions and fairly compare 'apples with apples' when challenging your friends.

* Game sounds mix seamlessly over your favourite iPod music selections or choose silent mode for that dull boardroom meeting!

* Watch the YouTube video at