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灯 手电筒 (iLantern Flashlight - Chinese Edition)

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需要手电? iLantern将点燃您的道路并且听起来老披风灯笼您有在长大的野营的第一种应用! iLantern合并调整亮光和声音的一个滑子,好象您调整在一个真正的灯笼的丙烷瘤。 有声音的一个开关,万一,您需要做一次夜间旅行到卫生间,无需把任何人吵醒! 合理的文件从一个实际披风灯笼被记录了运转中用高质量准确的表示的录音设备。 听见灯笼点燃然后听披风烧伤的独特的声音! iLantern可以是有用的为每天手电或乐趣秘密装置在露营地! 如果您付钱手电应用,您不妨得到某事乐趣陪它一起去! 谢谢试验iLantern。


Need a flashlight? iLantern is the first application that will light your path and sound like the old mantle lanterns you had on camping trips growing up!

iLantern incorporates a slider that adjusts both brightness and the sound as if you are adjusting the propane knob on a real lantern. There is an ON/OFF switch for just the sound, in case, you need to make a late night trip to the 'bathroom' without waking anyone up!

The sound file was recorded from an actual mantle lantern in operation with high quality recording equipment for accurate representation. Hear the lantern ignite and then listen to the unique sound of the mantle burn!

iLantern can be useful for an everyday flashlight or a fun gimmick at the campsite! If you're going to pay for a flashlight app, you might as well get something fun to go along with it! Thanks for trying out iLantern.