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MBrot7 is a simple tool that allows you to investigate a fascinating mathematical function (the Mandelbrot set) that reveals new beauty at every new scale. The amount of astoundingly beautiful images you can create with this tool are infinite. The interesting parts are in the boundary around the dark turtle.

All the images you see below are included. See the support website ( for many more images that can be found. Find these treasures and more by double-tapping to zoom. You can double-tap 45 times to a scale of 3.5 trillion and still see fine detail.

• Tap once to set the center of your interest to the center of the screen.
• Tap twice to set the center and double the scale.
• Tap three times to set the center and cut the scale in half.
• Pinch out to zoom. The image will repaint at your selected resolution.

• The left arrow on the top allows you to go back to the previous image one time. This is helpful if you moved away from an image you intended to archive. After you use the back button, you must perform zoom or re-center operations in order for that back option to work again.
• The slider allows you to choose between fast imaging time and high resolution.
Start by keeping the slider left at 60 for the fastest speed. When you come to an image that has some black in it, push the slider to a higher number. This will provide higher detail at the cost of picture paint time. Push the slider all the way to the right for the finest detail.

The four tools along the bottom work as the follows: (Toolbar icons provided by app-bits.)
• The leftmost tool (folder) retrieves from saved images. It presents a palette of saved images and allows you to select on to display on the main screen.
When the thumbnails are displayed, One tap selects an image, two taps also select an image, and three taps gives you the opportunity to delete an image.
• The next tool (diskette) saves the current image to the archive. Please note that the archive images are not saved to a particular detail. You can increase their detail with the slider.
• The next tool (camera) allows you to save images as photos. Images are saved as they are shown in the screen. Once the images are saved to photos, the photos and be emailed and shared as you would any other picture. Put them on T-shirts and your stationery.
• The fourth tool (home) reloads the original “turtle picture”. Remember you can go back to the previous image with the left arrow if you press reset by mistake.

Enjoy MBrot7 and use the images wherever you like!