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Banish Spell

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Someone is pestering you, annoying you, getting on your nerves? Would you like to banish them from your life? Or at least somehow neutralize the disgusting influence they have over you? If only you had some way of getting rid of that cloud, that they cast over you!

To have something like that, would be magic!

Exactly! Magic! That’s what you need! A little bit of old fashioned Magic.

Hey – why does it need to be old fashioned? Why can’t Magic be modern and contemporary? And so, you can now get extra Magic help from your iPhone app. Where else?

It’s a real Magic spell called “Banishing Spell” and it will eliminate the negative person’s influence out of your life.

Yes, this is a real, real Magic spell, conjured by sixth generation wizard Charodan, who is resident wizard at How cool is that? Absolutely real, genuine magic!

Download it, follow the easy instructions and then “cast” the spell. All you have to do, is to:

*** Believe that the spell will work for you.

*** Think hard and with a lot of emotion about the person you want to banish from your life and all the misery they are causing you.

*** Flick the iPhone forward couple of times, like you are trying to shake the spell out of it.

*** Listen to the spell being spoken by a wizard from your iPhone.

*** Relax and stop worrying about the miserable sod. The spell will descend upon them and make their own life unpleasant and rotten.

This spell can even be cast directly at a person, in their presence. It takes a lot of guts to do so, because they generally freak out. But do they get the message!?!? You bet!

Even if you don’t do it in such a confronting way, put a lot of emotion out as you are casting the spell. That’s what makes the spell really effective. Your own belief and emotion.

Cast the spell once a day for seven unbroken days, preferably about the same time of day. And watch in amazement, how that person’s disgusting antics completely stop worrying you. They will be going off again, and you will feel like laughing.
Oustoop Brzoku!

So if you really need a bit of help in getting rid of a pest out of your life, get some of Charodan’s Magic on your side. You can start casting your spell within minutes, and you can use it again and again. It lasts forever.

Hey – that sounds Magic!
Well, - of course it does, because it is!

What are you waiting for? Take Action now! Time to send Magic down that person’s throat!