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Alt Guitar Tuner

iPhone / iPad
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Alt Guitar Tuner is a fun and easy-to-use application for guitar players. It turns your iPhone or iTouch into a guitar tuner that understands a wide variety of alternate and open tunings over many capo positions. You simply select the type of tuning you want and the capo position you want. Alt Guitar Tuner clearly displays the proper notes for all six strings and will play high quality recordings of those notes, as if it were a guitar already tuned and capo-ed properly!

No matter what tuning or what capo position, Alt Guitar Tuner understands all of them. You don't need to know the proper notes for all the tunings and capo positions - Alt Guitar Tuner determines them and plays them when you want. As each note is played, a simulated meter shows the output audio level so you know it is operating properly. At all times, the correct notes for the strings are displayed and can be individually selected for tuning.

With Alt Guitar Tuner, you can customize the background image with the built-in camera overlay or from an existing picture in your album. The tuner will look as unique as you are!

Tuning all strings at once is very easy! Once a string is selected, it continually plays the proper note. When you have tuned that string, simply tap anywhere in the middle of the screen and it will automatically move to the next string. This makes it very easy to tune all your strings in sequence, or verify your tuning. For example, suppose you've been playing without a capo and you then put one on the fifth fret. Did you remember that the proper tuning is A D G C E A? Maybe, but there's no need since Alt Guitar Tuner displays it for you automatically when you select the fifth fret (V) from the capo button! Alt Guitar Tuner plays the right notes and as you tune, tap anywhere in the middle of the screen and the next string plays. This makes it easy to go through all strings, which is great for live playing.

In addition, Alt Guitar Tuner has many built-in "Tips". Clicking the Tips button will display information about the currently selected tuning and capo position. There are audio samples of popular songs played in the selected tuning and capo position. This feature is great for guitarists looking to expand their repertoire with songs that use alternate tunings and capo positions. All samples are played on a single guitar using the selected tuning and capo position.

Feature Summary:
- Nine different alternate tunings (standard, open D, open E, Open G, Open C, drop D, double drop D, DADGAD, half step down)
- Seven different capo positions (no-capo, I, II, III, IV, V, VII) for all tunings
- Automatically calculates and displays notes for all strings for all tunings for all capo positions
- Simple-to-use interface with fast tuning of all strings
- Output level display
- Large display of string number and notes
- Fast mode for tuning all strings - single click
- Many tips and audio samples for learning about alternate tunings and capo positions

Future versions will add
- visual pitch detection
- more alternate tunings
- ability to record your own audio for your tunings
- further tips and samples