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Discount Calculator

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Finance
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Discount Calculator is a simple but very useful iphone application. How many times have you seen a sign for a discount at a store and wanted to know what the new price would be -- including tax. By design the app requires the minimum number of keystrokes and calculates the most probable percentage discounts and lists them in a table-like view. If by chance the specific discount percentage is not listed a slider lets you select any discount. Tax rates vary so much that it is impossible to provide the specific tax rate for each user but the app makes it very simple to enter and save the appropriate tax rate.
Now with Version 2.0 the app has a tip calculator and a comparison calculator. The tip calculator has a nice interface with adjustments for the tip percentage and more than one person. It can round the tip or the amount for simplification of the calculations or to make it easier to make change.
The comparison calculator is a handy app to compare two sizes of things to see which option is cheaper. "Is it cheaper to buy the 24 oz. bottle of pickles or the 48 oz?" It helps you find the price per oz. It will also work with any units such as fluid oz. or grams. All these apps just for the original price.