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iWordy - Word & Phrase Solver

iPhone / iPad
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iWordy is a word and phrase solving application with a full built-in dictionary and does not require internet access to operate. Unlike most similar applications, iWordy also contains multi-word phrases. These include: famous people, geographic locations (cities, countries, lakes, rivers, mountains, etc.), tv shows, movies, and common phrases.

iWordy has separate search screens and can be used as a:
word jumble solver, word builder, hangman solver, crossword puzzle solver, wildcard searches, word lookup and spelling checker.

Selecting a category will limit searches to the specified category. Select None and only the regular single word dictionary will be used. Select All and the single word dictionary and all categories will be searched. Use the ? character to represent single unknown letters. Use the @ character to represent 0 or more unknown letters.

Use the Settings Screen to adjust various options. Select either the Standard dictionary or one of the 2 SCRABBLE® dictionaries: TWL/OSPD* (USA, Canada, Israel, Thailand), or SOWPODS (all other countries). You may also set the minimum word length and the maximum number of records to return.

Looking for a similar app for the iPad? Look for sWordyHD (sWordyHD - Word Finder & Jumble Solver) on the App Store.

*The OSPD dictionary conforms to the TWL standard and does NOT have offensive words removed.

See for more detailed information and examples.

SeaHeat Consulting and iWordy are in no way affiliated with the SCRABBLE® Brand Crossword game.

SCRABBLE® is a registered trademark in the United States and Canada by HASBRO and by Mattel Inc. elsewhere.

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