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Section Control

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“Average Speed Camera Systems”: in Austria we call it “Section Control” in the Netherlands it’s known as “Trajectcontrole” in Great Britain they call it “SPECS” in Italy it is “Tutor” and finally the Germans discuss about it – they say “Abschnittskontrolle”.

Theses systems use two cameras to measures the time it takes you to pass the section. From that they calculate your average speed. If it is above the given limit it will be expensive.
By the way: in Italy sometimes also the highway fee system is used to check your average speed.

Limits are very close!
Example: 100 km/h allowed –103 km/h or more measured – you pay.

If you don’t take care and find yourself going a bit too fast you have to go the rest of the section pretty slow – just to ensure that you don’t exceed the average for the section.
In general you’ll drive slower than allowed – simply to be on the safe side.

Section Control helps you with this.
If your average speed exceeds the given limit it will warn you.
And if traffic prevents you from driving at the allowed speed – Section Control shows you “what’s left”.
Of course you are not allowed to use this system to exceed the speed limits.
But it is always good to know that you are on the safe side.

* Miles or Kilometers available
* Two separate speed monitors
* Each monitor has its own configuration
* Tow calculation modes (accurate / safe)
* Optical and acoustic warnings
* Configurable sounds
* Continuation after short pauses (Phone calls, …)
* One touch access to Sound / Speed limit
* GPS diagnostics for optimized positioning

We already use the calculation algorithm in other software products for years. This means they are very solid (as long as the GPS signal is accurate).

Even if the calculated average speed shows that you are below the limit

This application uses GPS so it needs an Apple iPhone 3GS / 3G to work (or an external GPS system like the TomTom Car Kit).