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最佳的成交 - 货比三家

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最佳的成交 - 货比三家

介绍对iPhone和iPod接触的最佳的成交申请! 不要让商店和制造商唬弄您有他们聪明的战术的。 这种应用您永远将知道哪些产品提供您最佳的成交! 最佳的成交将救您时刻和金钱,当购物时通过立即给您一个单位成本比较产品的。 商店和制造商经常改变大小和数量为了使它难确定真正的费用。 假如是食品项目,清洁产品或者别的,最佳的成交在几秒钟内将使生活很多更加容易,允许您发现最佳的成交! 输入每个产品的价格、数量和大小,按绿色按钮,并且,当您听见响铃圆环,您将看见突出哪个产品真正地是最佳的成交! 最佳的成交与所有货币一起使用,因此,不管哪里您活它为您将工作。 它将支付本身在一次旅行以后到商店并且采取混乱出于是一个聪明的顾客。


Introducing The Best Deal application for both the iPhone and the iPod Touch! Don't let stores and manufacturers fool you with their clever tactics. With this app you'll always know which products offer you the best deal!

The Best Deal will save you time and money when shopping by instantly giving you a cost per unit comparison for products. Stores and manufacturers often change sizes and quantities in order to make it difficult to determine the real costs. Be it food items, cleaning products, or anything else, The Best Deal will make life a whole lot easier, allowing you to find the best deal within seconds!

Simply type in the Price, Quantity, and Size for each product, press the green button, and when you hear the bell ring, you'll see highlighted which product really is the best deal!

The Best Deal will work with any currency, so no matter where you live it will work for you. It will pay for itself after one trip to the store and take the confusion out of being a smart shopper.