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The Making of Wishing Brush

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The process of making a quality Chinese, Japanese, and Korean calligraphy brush revealed.



A better brush produces better and livelier artwork. The best brushes are made of animal hair because natural materials have qualities that synthetic material do not. A quality brush has a pleasing springiness. It is responsive. With a quality brush, you feel that the brush and your hand are one. You can make lively brushwork because the natural hairs absorb and hold ink well. You can make long strokes without returning to the ink stone several times like a less quality brush forces you to do.

This app was created with education and appreciation in mind. Thanks to the animals that let us humans trim their hair, we can produce quality brushes. Thanks to the masters who dedicate their lives to making the best brushes. Let us treasure these tools and use them to express the beauty around us.


“I didn’t realize how much goes into making a calligraphy brush.” – Rhonda Young, Artist

“Fascinating, well worth reading. Thank you.” – Sandra Smith

“This is incredible. I have studied Chinese calligraphy and painting for a year intensely and never have I found anything as informative as these pages. Well done and many, many congratulations. A brilliant insight into the making of brushes I use every day now. It is a superb education for enthusiasts who study Chinese Art like myself.” – Neil Armstrong


Four generations of traditional brush making have long survived in the city of Taipei. Lam Sam Yick, our exclusive calligraphy and painting brush supplier, is a family owned company established a century ago. It is famous for its development of high quality brushes from all natural products. Its number one top seller is the Wishing brush, which it has made for the past 96 years. What distinguishes this family’s success in the brush making industry is its secret technique for creating its brushes. The system entails using an exact percentage of different hair types to create a perfect brush. These brushes present the calligraphy artist with higher quality by maintaining their original shape during and after usage and allowing the artist different characteristic in their script. In this app you will see Master Lin assembling the best of his brushes.


Unique Content: Large and clear photos with detailed descriptions that allow you to follow along and understand the step-by-step brush-making process.

Link: A link to a special Web page just for the app user to learn more about Wishing brushes.

Coupon: A multiple usage, no expiration date US $5.00 coupon code for worldwide customers is included in the app that could provide great money savings to you.

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