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3D 功夫 - 太极拳

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輕松學到正宗太極拳, 全球首創, 3D Tai Chi 軟件。我们聯手眾多專業運動技術研發人員,權威太極名家,數位全中國太極拳冠軍,名家共同傾力打造出一款3D太極拳教育軟件。該軟件不同于以往的VCD/DVD視頻教材,它采用全新的3D數字技術,有亮麗的畫面效果,精准的展現太極拳動作中的身體方位,角度,運動細節變化,帶給您全新的學習體驗。您您可無限制重複跟隨這位3D虚拟大師不斷學習,無限制search理論資料,圖片,影象等,從此不用再購買這方面的書籍,DVD/CD等等。省錢又省心!让您学得更轻松!

The Perfect Exercise

Time magazine hails Tai Chi as the “perfect exercise” for those who care about their body but doesn’t want to risk life or limb or creaky joints. Tai Chi combines intense mental focus with deliberate, graceful movements that improve strength, agility, and balance. As a result, Tai Chi is perfect for the young and elderly.
However, students of Tai Chi either have to spend loads of money for classes at inconvenient times or purchase books or videos that are hard for students to follow and learn Tai Chi properly. But now, there’s a new way of learning Tai Chi that is in-depth, convenient, and easy to follow.
Introducing 3D Tai Chi: the Perfect Solution
TargetChinese joined efforts with professional developers and Tai Chi masters and created an award winning 3D virtual Tai Chi program that allows students to study Tai Chi easily and conveniently. Motion capture technology was used to capture the movements of real Tai Chi masters so as to give students a true-to-life learning experience. With 3D Tai Chi, practitioners are able to:

 世界最高品质的太极拳权威学习系统
Top-Quality Taiji Quan Study System
Fine Video Exhibition+ High-Definition Animation+ Master Making+ Complete Teaching System
 大师级太极名家制作
Master Making
Capable Making Term, Rich Teaching Modes, All-dimensional Theory System consist of this classic Taiji Quan guidebook.
 权威运动数据展现
Authorized Database
It is a database of international-level Wushu guidance, contribution of several national Wushu champions, world pioneering technique for collecting movement date, painstaking post production, essence of movement showed by Wushu masters, assuring that every movement is exact and authorized.