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The Micro Loan calculator is an application to assist Workateers in the field to show the difference between a regular micro loan and a micro loan.


Where your heart, your brain, and your pocketbook come together.

A market-based micro-philanthropy exchange that joins charitable donors with workateers.

"In the a recent Economist article, HBS professor and world renowned strategist Michael Porter said there will be huge opportunities in the next 20 years to fix the billions of dollars lost each year in inefficient philanthropy. is uniquely positioned to meet the most fundamental requirement to resolve this issue, specifically, creating the infrastructure for an open market, micro-philanthropic method of valuing widely differentiated social needs." Can a marketplace solve this problem of falsified charitable giving & inefficient philanthropy?

Under the mantra of "compete to give" donors use because they see value in the ability to discreetly select from a wide range of transparent and trustworthy charitable efforts and precisely direct their contributions to those individuals deemed most worthy of their philanthropy. Workateers and charitable organizations use to quickly secure funding for their efforts from sympathetic or like-minded donors.

Make no mistake; philanthropy in the United States is big business. With over $248 billion donated to charitable causes, philanthropic giving has, for over 40 years, amounted to roughly 2% of gross domestic product per year. Charitable donations can come from one of four primary sources: individuals, bequests, foundations, and corporations. Individual donors are measured by household and over 67 million households gave over $187 billion in 2004, roughly 75% of all charitable donations that year.

What is a Workateer? They are not a salaried or employed Worker. They are not a Volunteer. They are something in the middle. A workateer is someone who sees that something must change, something is wrong, something or someone needs assistance. They are often among the best in their fields. They may be an excellent carpenter, a skilled web designer, a superb lawyer or a proven CPA and therefore often do not have a lot of time to give to charity. What time they do have, they want to put to best use. Therefore, they become Workateers.

Where your heart, your brain, and your pocketbook come together.