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Play drums with a finger!
ToyDrum is a drum application with great sounds.

There are 3 playing screens with a particular drum simulation approach. It features 12 kinds of drum sounds and 8 sound effectors.

Check the demo movie on Support Page.

*** Sequence Play ***

You can play basic rhythm pattern with one finger on this screen.

- How to play -

Touching the volume button on the bottom of the screen plays a set of the prearranged sequence.

You can easily create a rhythm by touching the button repeatedly.
You can save 5 sequences pattern from A to E, and edit them.

The buttons above the volume button plays an individual drum.

The repeat button on the left side of the preset is a special button that plays the last played sounds.
You can use this function for drum fill-in toms rotation.
(When the last played sound is a cymbal, the button is the cymbal mute.)

You can change the playing positions by touching and releasing in the sequence area. Play cool phrases with the individual play button.

- Auto play -

The application calculates BPM by touching the volume button, and displays the BPM at the top of the screen.
The application plays automatically by tapping the PLAY button at the top of the screen so that you can practice your guitar or calculate song's BPM.
Touching the BPM display area shows the slider to change BPM. You can manually adjust the tempo by using this slider.

- Sequence pattern settings -

Tapping the menu button at the top left of the screen shows the list. Select "Edit Pattern" to edit the pattern.
You can set each drum by dragging and dropping the drum icon shown at the bottom of the screen in the sequence area or individual play area.
Dragging and dropping the CLR icon deletes a drum sound.
Tapping the CLR icon clears all the patterns.
Dragging the icon you set to the sequence area copies the pattern.

- Settings -

You can separately setup Sound type, Effect, Sound pan settings from A to E.

*** Set Play ***

On this screen, you can play a basic beat with your right hand, and select a combination of other sounds played by your left hand.
(You can switch the dominant hand on the setting screen.)

Beat a rhythm with you right hand using either Hi-hat Close/Open/Floor tom/Ride cymbal button.
Touching the upper part of each button turns up the volume, while the bottom part turns the volume down.

Hold the bottom on the left and tap the right button to makes various sounds.

The button with the right hand sign plays both the sound selected with your right hand and the sounds shown on the button.
Other buttons allow to play the sound indicated on the buttons.

It is hard to play fast phrases accurately, but you can play various phrases with 2 fingers at a slow pace.

*** Pad Play ***

This is a simple play screen that allows you to play one sound with one button.
Touching (and dragging) the volume bar on the left changes the volume. When you play a phrase with one hand, you can gradually set the volume higher or lower.
Dragging over the button also plays sounds. You could make a cool phrase just using toms.

*** Drum Sounds ***

Rock / Pop / Jazz / Dance / HipHop / Techno / Asian / Indian / African / Latin / Ninja / Animal

*** Sound Effects ***

Reverb / Lowpass/ Highpass / Chorus / Flanger / Distortion / Tremolo / AutoPan / AutoWah