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VitaMinder Pro (Push Notification)

iPhone / iPad
  • Health & Fitness
  • Medical
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Start the new year right with good health and habits!

VitaMinder reminds you to take your vitamins and supplements consistently.

Just enter in the name of your vitamin(s), dosage, frequency, and what time(s) of day. Then continue with your busy schedule, and VitaMinder will alert you when it is time to take your vitamin(s).

* Reminds you with PUSH alerts when to take your vitamins and supplements
* Tracks supplement names, dosage and frequency

Reminding yourself to take vitamins and supplements can be difficult. One tip from experts is to take vitamins and supplements at the same time everyday. VitaMinder makes this easy!


Touch the plus sign in the upper right corner of the main screen. Add vitamin name, frequency, and check "Alert Me" if you want to receive push alerts.

From the "Add/Edit Vitamin" screen, touch the plus sign next to "Dosage and Time". Enter the vitamin dosage and time of day. To add another dosage and time for the same vitamin, repeat this step. Touch the "Add/Edit Vitamins" button in the uper left to return to previous screen. When done adding alerts for that vitamin per day, press the "add/edit vitamin" button in the upper left to navigate back to the Add/Edit Vitamin screen. Then press the "Save" button in the upper left to save the vitamin data. You should briefly see a "Syncing" message pop up as the app sends the data to our servers, then you should see a new entry pop up under My Vitamins.

If you look at the new entry, you should see text that says "Next alert: " followed by a date and time. If you have multiple alerts per day for a given vitamin this is telling you when the next one is going to occur. If you set it to a time earlier than the current time, the first alert will be some time tomorrow (or later if set vitamin alert to trigger say every N days).

To delete entries (vitamin or dosage and time), simply swipe your finger across the entry. A red "Delete" button will appear. Touch the "Delete" button.

Simply tap an entry the you've previously added under My Vitamins to edit it, make changes as you wish then press the "Save" button.

If you're not currently running Vitaminder and get an alert, it will (assuming alerts are enabled for the app and in general) pop up a message similar to a text message reminding you to take the vitaminder and play the standard alert noise. The next time you start Vitaminder, you'll see a new entry under the "Alert History" section, sorted most recent first. If desired, press the "clear" button to remove all alert history entries.

If you are running Vitaminder when you receive an alert, it just pops up an alert message but does not play a sound.

Please note that you must have some kind of internet access to receive alerts. If you have an iPhone you need at least 3G/Edge to receive alerts if your device goes to sleep. If you have an iPodTouch and it's asleep, then it will only check for alerts every 15 minutes.