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Synapse Party Game

iPhone / iPad
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Synapse is a high-spirited party game of teamwork and laughter. Form a sentence to get your team's Guesser to say a word. The Guesser has 60 seconds to get the answer... the faster you answer, the more points you score. Sound easy? The catch is that team members must take turns adding one word to the sentence without consulting each other. Your synapses might not match your neighbor's. That's when the hilarity begins! Be ready for surprised looks, unusual sentence structure, and outbursts of laughter as connections are made... or not! Once you start, you won't want to stop!

You only need Synapse on your iPhone or iPod touch to keep anywhere from four to a dozen or more people entertained and in stitches... making you the life of the party. No one else at the party needs to have Synapse, or even an iPhone or iPod. But after playing Synapse, they will all want it!

The game includes a "Brainy Timer", a database of 800 puzzle word phrases, an automatic Scoreboard, and complete rules and tips... everything you need for playing Synapse with your family, friends, and new acquaintances.

Word Phrase Categories

Fire up your synapses with the first category, WordLink. Link together a sentence to define a common word for the Guesser.

Brain Chain
Go with the flow in Brain Chain. In this category the Guesser must guess two words that rhyme.

Cross Currents
Pick up the pace with the Cross Currents category. This time the two words start with the same sound (alliteration).

Full speed ahead. The Surge category challenges you with more difficult words and the points double.

Creative Impulse
Jump start your right brain with Creative Impulse. Write your own WordLink, Brain Chain or Cross Currents.


Synapse for your iPhone or iPod touch. Teamwork at the speed of laughter!