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eBook: Sex

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eBook Media Viewer Series #20

Title: Sex - Avoided Subjects Discussed in Plain English

Author: Henry Stanton

Pages: 64

The more we know of the facts of sex, the right and normal part sex activities play in life, and all that tends to abuse and degrade them, the better able we will be to make sex a factor for happiness in our own lives and that of our descendants. Mankind, for its own general good, must desire that reproduction, the real purpose of every sexual function, occur in such a way as to perpetuate its own best physical and mental qualities.

Table of Contents:
I. Sex
II. The Transition from Cell to Human Being
III. Sex in Male Childhood
IV. Sex in Female Childhood
V. Sex in the Adolescent Male
VI. Sex in the Adolescent Female
VII. Sex in the Marriage Relation (The Husband)
VIII. Sex in the Marriage Relation (The Wife)
IX. Sex Diseases
X. Love and Sex