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iRemember4u is an easy to use App that reminds you to call the important people in your life on a regular basis. We lead busy lives. Anyone who needs to be easily reminded to place calls on a regular basis would benefit by using iRemember4u, to keep in touch with:
• Family and friends
• Coworkers and project members
• Sales contacts
• Potential and current customers

The best part is, iRemember4u reminds you with little effort on your part. It helps answer the question "Who have I not called in 30 days?", with the number of days set to your liking. iRemember4u does the remembering for you!

Many call reminder systems are based on setting manual reminders for who and when to call. This takes up your precious time and is prone to error - if you forget to set a reminder, then you forget to make the call.

With iRemember4u, you don’t waste your time setting reminders. You simply use iRemember4u to place outgoing phone calls. It automatically keeps track and shows how long it's been since you last called each of your contacts.

For example, let’s say you need to make sales calls to potential customers every 30 days or so. Launch iRemember4u, set your filter to 30 days, and see only the contacts you haven't called in 30 or more days. Then place the call from within iRemember4u. It's that simple!

iRemember4u even allows you to record the outcome of the call. Did you get through and actually speak to the person? Or did you leave a voice mail? The App keeps track of the date and outcome of each call made from within iRemember4u. View a contact any time to see your call history.

You can also record call information manually. Let’s say you use the office phone for a conference call with one of your contacts. In iRemember4u, you can manually add a new call to your contact’s history in only seconds. Just select the option to Edit a contact’s history, and then select the date and outcome of the call.

iRemember4u allows you to instantly switch between four different date filtering criteria. Three of the them can be changed any time in preferences, while the other is an “All” option to show all of your contacts, regardless of their call history.

With iRemember4u, there’s no need to set tasks or reminders. No annoying alerts or alarms popping up to remind you to place a call. iRemember4u does the remembering for you!

• Uses your existing contacts stored in the Contacts App. Does not modify your existing Contacts in any way.
• The interface and navigation are very similar to the Contacts App, so you already know how to use iRemember4u to navigate through your contacts to place a call.

• The Group view shows the number of contacts within each group that match the selected filter.
• The Contacts view shows how many days since you placed an outgoing call to each contact.
• Shows only what you need to know to make a call - The contact's name, phone numbers, & contact notes.
• View the complete outgoing call history for each contact that iRemember4u recorded.


• Privacy: If you want to make a call without creating a call history record in iRemember4u, simply use the Contacts App to place the call. iRemember4u only keeps track of your outgoing calls when you place a call from within the App. You can also delete a call history record at any time.

• Restriction: Third-party iPhone Apps cannot dial phone numbers containing # or *, so they cannot be dialed from iRemember4u.

• Contacts with the infinity symbol (which looks like a sideways 8) have no call history. To establish the initial call history for a contact, either place a phone call to the contact in iRemember4u, or manually create a call history record.