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Tilt Lens

iPhone / iPad
  • Photo & Video
  • Education
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Tilt Lens estimates key information for the set up of lens tilt on a View Camera or on a 35mm camera fitted with a tilt lens. The tool works in two modes: Tilt mode, and Height mode.

In Tilt mode the tool calculates the lens tilt angle required to position the lens at a given height above the plane of sharp focus.

In Height mode the tool calculates the lens height required over the plan of sharp focus for a given lens tilt angle.

In both modes the tool calculates other key parameters for overall set up of the camera and lens:

1. The angle of the plane of sharp focus relative to the camera film plane

2. The indicated range to the plane of sharp focus - which is the distance along the lens axis to the plane of sharp focus.

3. The vertical depth of field at a given range - which is the height of the zone of sharp focus above (or below) the plane of sharp focus, measured parallel to the film plane.

With an intuitive user interface this tool is useful as both a field tool and as an educational tool - showing the effects of changing lens and camera settings on the plane of sharp focus and for image depth of field.

Tilt Lens works in either Metric or English Units and allows the user to adjust camera format, circle of confusion size, and f-number step size, all within the Settings menu for the application.

Tilt Lens uses the thin lens equations for calculations, providing good estimates for the focal ranges of most lenses.