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Is now available for free! Also now available is China, Japan and the rest of eastern Asia!

Fun for the whole family, this pass-it-on style game gets your, your friends and family all competing to be the fastest! Fastest at what you ask? Well thats up to you! TimeMe doesnt restrict your creativity, while allowing your excitment to grow!

IPad compatible, works on iPhone and iPod touch, do you really need to read the rest?

TimeMe is the perfect companion to prove something you have known all along….. You are the best!

Inspired by cup stackings Stack Mats, TimeMe uses a double handed start/stop method to time you performing whatever task.

Nothing could be easier to prove you are the fastest than
1. Setting your iPhone To go
2. Completing your activity:
3. Returning to your iPhone, Stop and prove your time.

You know you can top any other time with the precision of your TimeMe iPhone App.

You need to do it fast.
You can’t do it fast! Your friends can- why can’t you?

There is only one way to define the true champion and that’s using the iPhone TimeMe Application.

Features included:

· Dual button start point
· Large time display
· Reset button

USAGE: To start the timer, simply push the two large buttons at either end of the phone at the same time, when you release both finger, the timer will start. To stop the timer, push both buttons down the same as how you started.

Time your favourite Miley Cyrus song, or baseball game. Chris Brown has it on his iPhone, he uses it to time Rihanna in the shower. Use this to Time your new Lamborghini Gallardo, or Porche 911.

I have a Sony BRAVIA KF55E200 55 inch TV with a Sony STRDG820B amp chucking out the power to my Sony SSMF750H (floor standing) front speakers and SSMB350H (bookshelf) secondary front speakers. I've recently deprecated my Sony DVP-NC875V/S 5-Disc DVD changer in favour on a PS3. The media PC attached that dishes out all the fun is just a Intel Celeron 3.2Ghz, 2gb DDR2 ram, nVidia GeForce 9400GT that takes an HDMi signal to the amp. Also has a DVB-S card for recording freeview tv shows and a normal TV tuner card for recording shows off sky. PC is sent to my VCR which sends the signal to the other TV's in the house. This app is in no way affiliated with Sony, the TV show House, Intel or NVidia. This took me 1 minute 34.66 seconds to type.

Also check out Qn 1.0 for all your audio mixer needs.

Great for drinking games and for Dance Dance Revolution.

If properly inserted into the ground, this app can be used as a sundial.