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Nice Dice

iPhone / iPad
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Nice Dice is an easy to play dice game similar to Poker Dice, Yacht, Cheerio, or Yahtzee. With a simple and intuitive yet beautifully designed interface, Nice Dice is easy to pick up and play for a brief moment of recreation and addictive enough to play for an hour. If you've ever enjoyed a dice game on a handheld device, you'll find Nice Dice to be the game you've been looking for and haven't been able to find.

Choose a colourful wallpaper to use as the game's background!
High scores list keeps those awesome games from being forgotten!
Original graphics and game rules make Nice Dice a unique dice strategy game.

How to Play

You have 12 turns to score as many points as possible by rolling 5 dice and matching one of the 12 categories. Each turn has three rolls to roll or hold back any of the 5 dice. Tap a die to hold it back on the next roll. Tap again to release it. After you've rolled three times, you have to choose a category to score in. The number of points you could get in each is shown next to it's button.


1s to 6s - Just roll as many as you can of each number (there are bonus points for rolling at least 3 of each).
Chance? - Any dice you can get will fill this category - the higher the better!
Full House - 2 dice of one kind and 3 of another.
Small Straight - a sequence of 4 dice with consecutive values.
Large straight - all five dice have a sequence of consecutive values.
3 of a Kind - Like in poker, 3 or more dice have to have the same value for any points in this category.
4 of a Kind - same as 3 of a kind, but with 4 or more dice.
Nice! - this category will become available if you are lucky (or skilled) enough to get five identical dice! Good luck!