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iPhone / iPad
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It is a game where everyone can play by an easy operation.
Please because the time of one play is short to kill time.

Please feel after the object that appears one after another.
When it is the same as Target displayed in the upper part of the screen, it is 100 point acquisition.
The point that enters by one time improves fast when continuously succeeding.
However, note the return to 100 points when it feels after an object different once.

There are two kinds of game modes ("Normal" and "Order").
Keep single-mindedly touching the correct answer for 60 seconds in "Normal" mode. It is possible to change from the thing that the image used is preserved in the main body freely though the image of default appears as a target if nothing is done.
The figure appears in "Order" mode. It becomes clear if it touches sequentially from 1 to 30.

There are four kinds of game levels.

First of all, it is three kinds "Low", "Middle", and "High".
"Low" becomes, and it is easy, "High" is difficult, and "Middle" becomes the difficulty between those.
As for the acquisition point, difficult one rises.

In addition, "Angle" of the highest difficulty appears when the acceleration sensor is turned on in the option.

The ball appears on the screen in "Angle". When the ball goes out outside the screen, it is a game end.

Please note that this ball moves by the inclination of the main body, collides with the object, and rebounds.

A high score of each mode and each level can be preserved.
The angle and the speed regulation of the ball are possible.