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iGetFit PRO Calories Tracker

iPhone / iPad
  • Health & Fitness
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Ever wondered how much fat or carbohydrates are in the cake you are eating, or how much calories you have just consumed, use iGetFit PRO to find this information.

iGetFit PRO is a “two way” calories tracking application which not only tracks the calories consumed but also the calories burnt details for example, total calories burnt from using treadmill, weight-lifting or exercise bike etc.

iGetFit PRO lets you track your day by day calories consumption and calories burnt details. For each day track your progress on how many calories you have consumed, did you exceed your daily target? Are you under eating your recommended calories consumption?

Set personal goals on how much carbohydrates, protein or fat you want to consume each day. iGetFit PRO will show how much of your allowance you have used. So if you are looking to lose, maintain or gain weight then use iGetFit PRO to track your progress.

iGetFit PRO contains over 8,800 nutritional information on a number of food items, which means you can check the nutritional information without having to go online. Also find nutritional information on a number of well known fast food joints, and popular restaurants.

iGetFit PRO also allows users to keep track of their training schedule as they try to lose weight. Whether your using a treadmill or training bike, iGetFit PRO allows you to record the number of calories burnt, distance covered and the time trained. Using this information iGetFit PRO allows you to see how many calories are being burned per minute during a training session, which you can then use to compare with your other training sessions and monitor how well you are training.

Use iGetFit PRO to record your weight and monitor any weight gain or loss. Also included is a Body Mass Index Calculator (BMI).

Enter your weight as either stone, kilograms or pounds, the application will automatically convert the between the weights for you.

Set yourself monthly targets of how many calories you want to burn and how much weight you are planning to lose, then use iGetFit PRO to track your progress against set targets.

Want to see how long its been since you’ve trained, the application will workout the last day you trained and display an alert on the icon, showing how long it has been. If you don’t want to be told you’re being lazy this feature can be disabled.


* BMI Calculator – Enter your weight and app will calculate your Body Mass Index for you
* Enter your weight in either stone, pounds or kilograms
* Enter monthly weight target and keep track of weight loss or gain
* Enter monthly calories target and keep track of how much calories you are burning off
* Enter your training info such as calories burnt, distance ran
* Track and monitor your training session, see how many calories are being burnt per session
* Notification of when training calories has exceeded previous high
* See each training session details with a rating of how close to target you have trained
* Customizable database, which tracks any new nutritional info and so there is no need to re-enter the information
* Dynamic DB which adds any new nutritional information without having to re-enter it over again.
* Select from over 9800 food nutritional information, no need to go online
* Dynamic loading of calories consumed, which shows you exactly how much of your daily calories allowance you have used.
* Set personal targets for the maximum fat, carbohydrates, protein and saturated fat you want to consume, and then use iGetFit PRO to track your progress each day
* A dashboard gives an overall picture of calories consumed, calories burnt against your personal targets and then monitor your progress.
* A recent history of most recently used nutritional information.
* A notice since how many days since last trained